Freshen Your Fall Wardrobe with Dryel in Four Easy Steps

I know it’s August and we are trying to #holdtight to the summer, but you know fall is right around the corner, which is a good thing because I’m a fall baby. Yes, I am.  A November baby to be exact. (Shout-out to all of the Scorpios in the Frugal Feminista family.)

For all of your hardcore fashionistas, reluctant fashionistas and everyone in between, you know that once the summer starts to fade, you are going to have to think about what clothes to store and what fall fashion you are going to pull out.

I know that my fall favorites are dark jeans, sweaters, big scarves, and blazers.

But some of them have been hidden away in the closet chaperoned by moth balls so before I wear them, I’m going to need to freshen them up.

To save on the expensive and preserve the sexy of my favorite fall items, I’m going to use Dryel.

dryel picture

For those of you new to this home-based dry cleaning stuff, Dryel is a solid alternative to going to the dry-cleaning for clothes that need a little extra love and care, but not a major overhaul.

You can use Dryel on most fabrics with the exception of leather, velvet, suede, fur, silk and rayon.

I also like using Dryel for special care items like dresses, dark jeans, sweaters and blouses that call for hand washing and/or line drying and pieces that are difficult to wash like my go-everywhere jean jacket.

 How to Use Dryel to Freshen Your Fall Wardrobe

Step 1: Since Dryel works in your dryer, it’s easy to use and avoids harsh dry cleaning chemicals. You simply spritz any spots with the included Booster Spray.

Step 2: Zip your clothing in a special bag that holds up to five items. Use the dryer to activate Dryel’s steam cleaning environment.

Step 3: Remove your items immediately from the dryer once it’s done to avoid wrinkling.

Step 4: Look great and use the extra money for your emergency fund.


Frugal Feministas- What are your fall favorites and how will you care for them?


Disclaimer: *This post has been sponsored by the good folks at Dryel. 

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