5  Easy Ways for Working Moms to Destress on a Budget

27by Shani St. Vil

As a Mompreneur, it is really important for me to get some R&R. I home school my two tots during the day and in the evenings I write, speak, and blog about personal finance at Purse Empowerment. So not only is it important for me to breathe, I must breathe in a budget friendly manner.

Here are my fab five budget-friendly breathers.

 Hair Salon
Yes, I go to my hair salon as if it’s a bar. It’s always a gang of women there having some level of positive connection–be it conversation about the best home remedies for stomach viruses, how to wean your breastfeeding baby, and sometimes a little play-by-play of what’s happening on reality t.v. Now, the kicker here is that while I engage in high-level girl power, a service will not be performed. After about 30 minutes to an hour, I am relaxed. I have taken a couple of minutes to out of my  day and I’m geared up to get back in as mother of two and wife again.

Take a Walk
My grandmother gets a kick out of this. I was raised as only child for 10 years so I really value alone time. Subsequently, when I became a mother and a wife, I fully immersed myself into wifedom and motherhood by kicking my corporate job to the side for my role as a homeschooling, breastfeeding Mompreneur. However, sometimes I really can’t withstand my 3 year old dumping honey in the middle console of my already food/infested car, again. Or I’ve had it with my 18th month old “nurse me, feed me, rock me, squeeze me, sing to me” demands. So, when my husband walks in, I walk out  and down the street. A breath of fresh air does me wonders. No, this is not a”buy one get one free” type of deal. I am not coupling this breather with exercise. I am simply breathing and walking and refusing to consider anything beyond the birds and the trees.

Go to your Favorite Retailer
Yes, drive to your favorite store, but leave your wallet and children at home. Buy Nothing.  If you take your wallet, your budget is doomed. I wander around my favorite retailer like I own the place. I even get the gumption to try on things. I have to make sure it’s cut right,right? I just let all the knots roll off my back and I breathe. Sometimes, I even skip down the aisles. I make a moment out of it because in any minute, my husband is going to summon me and back to babies, breastfeeding,baking, and business I’ll go!

Listen to Music
This is my favorite and can be done with or without your children. If I’m feeling a little flustered, I’ll put on some jazz to calm the environment. If I’m feeling frustrated and I need to transfer that energy I put on some Party Rock, something that’s going to get my feet and my mood moving. I sing aloud to the children; I pull them into the dance and soon I forget that my son just broke drinking glass number 20 this year. Oh joy!

Take A Shower In The Dark
My family knows that if I’m taking a dark shower that it is less about cleansing and more about me getting a “mommy minute”. With the scent of eucalyptus going up my nostrils and super hot water and super cold water bearing down on my back, this is not a shower, I AM at the spa. Can you say pitch black nirvana? 🙂

Frugal Feministas: How are you taking them budget-friendly breathers?

Shani Curry St.Vil, is a Mompreneur who writes, speaks and consults on personal finance. St.Vil, is the author of 10 Things Every Woman Should Keep In Her Purse, and Host of Fiscally Fit on Comcast Island TV. Shani is passionate about elevating women to place less value on the symbols on there purses as oppose to the contents.

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