5 Hot Tips To Maximize Your Next Thrifting Experience

I’m a thriftista and have been thrifting for over fifteen years and want to share some tips to make sure that your next thrifting excursion is productive and fun—whether it’s your first time or your 100th time.

1.Keep Your Cell Phone Close So You Can Do Quick Searches For Unfamiliar Designers

Come across a cute item, but are not sure that it’s worth the price? Solution: take out your phone and do a quick online search.  During one of my many thrifting missions, I found a Morgan Oakley bag for $7! Before doing an on-spot search to find out that this designer’s bags average upwards of $300 and $400 dollars, I had NO idea who Morgan Oakley was.  But once I learned that I was scoring not just a cute, leather red bag, but a designer, high-end, cute, leather red bag, I was even more excited about the purchase!

2.Wear Tights or Leggings To Make Trying On Simple

The return policies in thrift stores are basically non-existent and many do not have fitting rooms.  Wearing tights or leggings allows you to slip into skirts, jeans, and pants quickly and takes the guesswork out of figuring out if you should take it with you.

3.Find Out Your Thrift Stores’ Discount Days

Many thrift stores schedule days where they slash prices on the already discounted items in the store.  Plan your visit around those days and save the extra cash for something else!

4.Check Out The Men’s and Boys’ Section

Who says that just because you are a lady, you have to shop in the women’s department?  I have found some cute blazers, button-down shirts, and cardigans in the men’s and boys’ departments.

And quiet as kept: some women like to hide their goodies in these department, so they can come back for them when the items are on sale during the discount days.

5. Shop For the Sole and the Other Soul

If you love reading as much as you love shopping, then make sure you check out the book section of your local thrift store before exiting. From personal experience, I have been introduced to ideas and authors that I would have normally overlooked because the authors were unfamiliar to me and the cover prices of the books were too high. But thanks to my local Salvation Army, I have been able to expand my personal library and body of knowledge without breaking my budget.

6. Keep It Clean

With all the touching of gently-worn, worn, and straight-up unclean clothes, it’s a smart idea to keep a little hand sanitizer in your bag and use it after your shopping excursion.  And even though it goes without saying, let’s also remember to launder our finds before wearing them.

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  1. Great tips! I go thrift shopping once. Week and practice most of these. I would also add, have a plan for key items that you are looking for. I use my Pinterest board to look at my favorite looks and try to re-create them by searing for those items while shopping.

  2. Thanks, Antoinette! That is a great idea. Yes, I take picture of looks that I like either from display windows or free people in the street to make my next visit purposeful. Despite it being a thrift store, you are STILL spending, so you don’t want to leave with things that you don’t need or go with things that you have already. I love your site!

    1. Thank Alena! Let me know how it goes. It is sooo much fun, especially when you get something designer at close to nothing.

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