Asking for Help makes you a Super Woman

25Asking for help, espeically for us Superwomen, can be uncomfortable and unfamiliar. We’re so used to doing everything for everyone that we don’t even think of asking for help. And even when someone offers to help us we don’t always take them up on it. How many times have you been carrying packages and someone asks, “Can I help you?” And instead of saying thank you we say, “No, I got it.” Are we so wedded to our superwoman identity that we can’t accept help? Or do we rarely get offers of help so we’re not usesd to it?

Whatever the reason it’s time for a change. It’s time to stop hurting ourselves as we constantly sacrifice ourselves and put neglect ourselves. It’s time to stop being angry and resentful that we’re doing too much. It’s time to honor ourselves and act like the super women that we are by not doing it all on our own.  We need to start asking for and receiving help so we can keep our own sanity.

For those of you who have difficulty asking for help, try these simple steps make make it a reality for you.

Start small. A good friend of mine offered to run an errand for me that was next door to her office. It would have taken me an hour out of my day but it only took her 10 minutes. She offered to help yet I was ready to say no. Don’t we have enough real struggles to deal with? Why not take help when it’s offered to make life easier. When someone offers to hold the door or carry your package, let them! Even if you don’t really need the help, accept it.

Know who to ask for help. is probably the most important point. Ask the right person for what you need help with. Don’t set yourself and the other person up for failure by asking them to do something that you know that can’t do. Find the right person to help you and then ask them!

Consider your own needs. How much of your own anxiety will you alleviate by asking for help? How much more time will you gain by getting help? You’ll feel less anxious and have more time and energy simply because you enlisted the help of someone else. What one thing can you commit to getting help with today?

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