CHANGE: Consistent ~ Honest ~ Action ~ Now ~ Grow ~ Encouragement

7Last week I talked about the Process of Change and taking two steps forward and one step backward. Mistakes and slip-ups are going to happen as we’re on this journey! Accepting this makes it much easier to keep going the course.

If you’re like me what you want to change may be a long standing habit and you may feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. Here’s where people generally get stuck and give up because the idea of making this change is so daunting. You’re not going to change that big thing quickly. It’s going to take time, even years in some cases. But you can create a put a plan into place now that will be the stepping stones to get you to where you want to be.

And so I’ve set out to create my own personalized action plan that I’m recreating here for you. It consists of honestly answering some questions and then putting the plan in place that will work for you. First, ask yourself What do I want to change? Don’t just think about it but sit down and take the time to write about it. Pull out a piece of paper and a pen or type it up on the computer. The extra step of writing is one step closer to action (as opposed to the contemplation stage of change).

To do this you need a realistic way to begin change. The key word here is realistic. Not a plan of what you want to do but a plan of what you are capable of at this moment in time. Answer for yourself How can I realistically change this? In answering this question be sure to also consider these follow-up questions:

  • Do I have the time to do this now?
  • Who can support me in making this change?

Now imagine yourself taking small steps towards your goal. Nothing earth shattering just a small change that you do each day or week. As I’m on my journey to financial freedom I’m starting to recognize some of my own pitfalls and the ways that I’m inconsistent with making change. My small step will be clearing out the receipts in my wallet at the end of each week.

The final action plan step includes celebration. Rather than minimize your efforts and successess you need to celebrate them! Whether you’ve taken a giant leap or a baby step celebrate the behavior you want. Be proud of the ways you’re making change in your life. Give yourself a treat to recognize your accomplishment. What will your gold star be?

CHANGE: Consistent ~ Honest ~ Action ~ Now ~ Grow ~ Encouragement

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