Creating A Positive Workspace At Home
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Working from home has become the new norm in recent years, and now more than ever it is important for us to create a safe and productive workspace in our own homes that we can use every day. 

Today we are going to talk about the perfect home office and how you can increase your business performance by building a bright and inviting office space to work in. 

Choose a Bright Room 

It is so important when trying to create a positive office space at home that you choose the room carefully. If you opt for a dark and dingy corner of the house, you are likely to feel fatigued and stressed much more quickly than if you were to find a bright space in direct sunlight. If you have any south-facing rooms in the house, consider one of these rooms as your home office. Sunlight helps the body release happy hormones and it makes us feel more awake and energized. Use this energy to fuel your day and work harder and smarter. 

Use Neutral Paint Colours 

When decorating the home office of your dreams, it is important to remember that less is more. Don’t choose a garishly bright colour for your walls because it can cause more of a distraction for you than motivation. Consider sticking to a neutral colour palette for the walls and the floors of your home office, but choose warmer tones to invoke a sense of comfort instead of clinical white and grey. Colour is important psychologically, and the colours you choose for your home office will impact the way your mind works during the day.

Buy a Spacious Desk 

Instead of settling for whatever old desks your employers provide in your office in the city, at home you have total control. This means you can really choose items that are stylish and comfortable for you, and that helps you stay focused and work to the best of your ability. Take a look online and in-store and find a spacious desk which gives you plenty of legroom. There is nothing worse than getting cramps in your legs when you’ve been sitting at your desk all day. You could even choose a different tack altogether and buy a standing desk to improve your posture! Make sure that the desk you choose has enough room for your stationery, computer, and extra space for your hands! 

Consider Multiple Screens 

One of the things many of us find when working in an office all day is that one screen isn’t enough. If you are often using data online and translating it to excel spreadsheets and documents – continuously opening and closing windows is not only annoying but will mess with your workflow. Consider investing in 2 monitors for your desk at home, allowing you to have multiple windows open at the same time. It will be much more practical and will allow you to stay focused and productive, and get more work done every day. 

Invest in a Great Chair 

The most important piece of furniture you will buy for your home office is a chair. Your chair needs to be supportive, spacious, and comfortable because you will spend hours of your day sitting in it. A chair is crucial for a productive office and will prevent you from having back problems later in your life. Spend time choosing a chair that’s right for you and be prepared to invest a little extra money for something that is of great quality. 

Keep things Organised 

When you first begin to work from home, it can feel a little hodgepodge and thrown together. For a while, you will likely have things strewn around your spare room haphazardly and this can soon get in the way of your productivity. A clear office equals a clear mind, and you should work to tidy and organize your things to keep them in check. It is super important for you to organize every part of your office and not to leave things lying around in the way. If there are documents that you are not currently using, be sure to place them in a coloured folder and put them on a shelf out of sight. The tidier your office is the easier you will find it to stay focused on the task at hand. 

Secure your Network 

When you work from home as an employee or an entrepreneurial woman, it is important to secure your home network as well as your cloud storage systems. Oracle policy control function can help you with this, and ensure that all of your important documents and assets stay safe from prying eyes. 

Separate Work and Home 

We know how hard it is to separate work and home life when you work at home – but you should treat going to your home office like going to your real office. If you have the space, you should have a whole room dedicated to work that can be closed off from the rest of the house. Being able to shut yourself off from your home will ensure that you don’t get distracted during the day doing chores around the house or spending time playing with your pets. Keeping this room separate will allow you to focus on work, and at the end of the day you can close the room off and in turn, close off your work mind. 

Add Colour 

A neutral palette is advised in the office as a whole, but this doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of colour and vibrancy to the room. A well-placed cushion, artwork, or colour coded folders can make all the difference to the design of the space as well as your mood. Colour inspires us, and often having art and posters on your wall will allow the mind to wake up and wander. 

Consider a Whiteboard 

Struggling to keep yourself on track working from home? It’s time to write yourself a to-do list. A whiteboard is a wonderful little feature to bring into your home office, and you can place it on the wall close to your desk so that you can always see the tasks you have outstanding. Keeping a list of tasks you need to complete or have completed will make all the difference, and will ensure that you don’t forget anything important! 

Add a Touch of Greenery 

Plants are not only a great way to add warmth and colour to your office, but they can also be great for your physical and mental health while working. Plants produce oxygen, and having fresh air produced in your home office will ensure you have a breath of fresh air all day long. Plants have also been proven to help us relax, so bringing some greenery into your office space will ensure that you can stay happy and healthy all year long. 

Bring some Homely Touches 

Even though the office is a space for working, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a few comforting touches. You will spend a lot of your week in your office and as such, you should customize it and make it into a comfortable and happy space. This means things such as ornaments, scented candles, blankets and more can be brought into the room to add life and calming energy. Customize your room with any elements you like to create the perfect home office space. 

Keep Things Minimal 

By all means, bring things into your home office, but also be aware not to overdo it. Your office needs to be a simple and tidy space, allowing your mind to feel open and free to wander and work. Instead of 8 little ornaments, for example, have 3 larger ones that add interest without being too cluttered and distracting for you. Keep your design minimal and this will make it easier for you to tidy and maintain. 

Keep it Clean 

Cleaning your home office is just as important as every other room in the house. Once a week you should thoroughly clean and tidy your home office to keep it hygienic and keep you healthy. The less clutter you have in this space the easier it will be for you to clean and maintain, so bear that in mind when decorating! 

Learn to Switch off 

It is important when working from home that you know when to stop. When you don’t have set working hours, that work-life balance can be very difficult to maintain and often we find ourselves working overtime trying to get more done than needed. Set yourself a finishing time and stick to it. At 5 pm shut the door to your home office and don’t bring anything with you. This work-life balance is more important than you think because it helps you to maintain good mental health. 

When all is said and done, decorating your home office space is a very personal thing, and it will be your own choice of how you create the perfect working environment for you. Have fun this winter decorating and creating a workspace that is inviting, inspiring, and simple. 

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