Damn, can I be carefree, too?

29I am a Black, I am a woman, and I am mentally exhausted.

Black lives matter-SUPPORT!  

Police are killing Black men and boys-PROTEST!  

Black women are the lowest paid of all groups-NEGOTIATE!  

Black women are the least married group-DATE!  

Black people need to support the community-VOLUNTEER!  

Black women are graduating from college at higher rates-HELP THE FAMILY!  

Black women get overwhelmed-STAY STRONG!!

At any given time on any media platform; social media, the news, the radio these are the message we are bombarded with.  Even if we choose to not watch, post or share all of the race and gender biased filled news stories, we are asked about it by our friends and family.  We are constantly being told to be better and do better.  We are expected to support our Black movement, and our Black men.  When things get too heavy to carry, we are reminded that we are supposed to be strong, but I want to be carefree (insert crying face emoji).

Images of Black girls and women living a carefree lifestyle are rare.  A friend once told me, “As Black people we don’t get to be carefree”-I disagree.  Being carefree may not come naturally for many of us, because we  have had things to worry about since we can remember.  Many of us as adults have things to worry about-aging family members, finances, supporting the movement, and over-achieving at work and/or school, so we don’t get to be carefree.  Many of us lack the source of support that many of our white friends and co-workers have, so we exhaust ourselves trying to balance it all.  Despite all of that, we have to balance we can still become a carefree Black woman!  Here is how:

Give yourself permission to be carefree!  Even if  you start off with an hour a day, filter out all of the things that don’t make you smile.  Your social media timeline depressing, move over to Pinterest and look makeup and DIY-better yet try some new looks or plan a new project.  Is the news making you worry about your children’s future?  Turn off the tv and get a book or put in your favorite movie.  Family stressing you out, plan a getaway, even if it is to the mall across town or across the state-take an hour or a day for yourself.  Yes, this is way easier said than done, but remember you control most of what you watch, read and hear.  Also, only you know what prevents you from being stressed and unhappy and while we can’t escape it all, we can take a break from it and be carefree.

Feministas, let start channeling our carefree Black woman-she is in there!!!

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