I Made More than $16k Since We Last Talked

25This year I’ve shared part of my journey with you in other posts…

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In short, I was working like crazy, but something had to give so I quit three of my part-time gigs. I’d calculated that-that decision would cost me $16,500 in the immediate four months, but I literally said, “Ok, universe, you gotta come through. I want to make that and more EASILY”

I’m happy to say that after making $700 in selling books on Amazon, having an indoor garage sale, a one hour speaking engagement, another four part engagement and securing a contract to consult in my area of expertise I have made $16,960 in as many months. And it was EASY! That’s not all…I stand to make 3 times as much (over and above income from my full time job) before the year is out with some other contracts I have in the works.

In taking this leap of faith I’ve grown so much. Some of these lessons are new. Some are just old lessons reinforced. You can think of the steps below as my secret to manifesting these blessings. I’ve learned:

I can make money easily. (Keyword: Easily). We’ve been taught to work hard. Not only is working hard respectable, but it is the only way through which we will be able to provide for ourselves. However, if that’s what you believe, that’s the only way you’ll get money. When you change your narrative, you change your life. Believe you can get money EASILY and that opportunities come to you and they will.

There’s often a disconnect between what we say and what we do. Make sure they’re aligned. On a conscious level I didn’t believe that I had to work hard to get money. However, my actions said something different. If I didn’t believe that then why was I working more than the average person?? Examine your behaviors because they speak to what you unconsciously believe.

Get rid of the crutches in your life. Crutches represent those things that we lean on, long after we need to, to get us where we need to get. Think about buildings that are being constructed. Scaffolds hold them up. As such, scaffolds have a purpose. They support and provide structure for a certain period of time, but how silly would it be to keep them up forever? Use your intuition to determine the things in your life that once helped you but now cripple you.

Choose not to worry. Of course times get challenging. This winter my electric bill was much higher than normal…hundreds of dollars higher—and on a significantly lower income! So there were times when I looked at my bills and all I could do was gulp, but those close to me can attest to the fact that when these challenges come I just say “Well…that will be handled too.”

It’s an energy game. Choosing not to worry isn’t simply about having a peace of mind. Our emotions are a clear indication of the energy that we are offering. The Law of Attraction is about making a request (whether verbal or just in quiet thought) of the universe. What you want is ALWAYS immediately available. The gap between your wanting such things and acquiring them is based on the energy we offer. The energy we offer has to be a match with the energy of the thing desired in order for us to see it in our life. Mind your energy.


Frugalista’s I’m sure you have more questions about how I positioned myself to make that money. So feel free to ask away in the comment section below.

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