Make R.E.A.L. and Lasting Change

11This time of year is filled with renewal, hope, and plans for 2016. We’re focused on the possibilities of the New Year and the chance to accomplish what we didn’t in 2015. But 92%* of people don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions. By mid-February the gyms aren’t as full and resolutions fall by the wayside.

To do it differently this year set R.E.A.L. goals that include a plan of action.

Be sure that your goal is REALISTIC. Jumping from point A to point Z in 12 months may not be feasible. Consider where you currently are in life and where you want to be. Is your resolution on that can be realistically accomplished?

Next, consider if your goal is EASY TO MEASURE. If you want to spend more time with your family, use your calendar to see how much time you spend with them. If you want to read more books track your reading in Goodreads or make your own list.

ACCOUNTABILITY is crucial. Tell someone your ultimate goal and plan and check in with them frequently. Someone other than yourself needs to be on your team to help you. Pick someone who can be encouraging and supportive.

Finally, make sure that your resolution is LOGICAL and fits into your life. If you want to be partnered with children but you’re not dating the goal isn’t realistic at this point in time.

Having goals are wonderful but without a concrete plan of action they remain dreams and aren’t accomplished. Make a R.E.A.L. plan and be part of the 8% in 2016!

*Source: University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology

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