Meet DreamGirl Martine Foreman: Entrepreneur and Founder of CandidBelle.com

Martine is a powerful writer because she exposes her vulnerability. Her writing is like a long glass of lemonade. Refreshing. Quenching. I gain so much wisdom from her thoughts and observations. I am so happy that she is in my sister circle. I reached out to her because I wanted to give you chance to experience her the way that I do. Enjoy.


What do you do and why is it important?

I’m a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, mom, and in my spare time, I make plans to take over the world. Writing is important to me because it has always held a special place in my heart. I have been writing poetry and essays since I was in elementary school. Touching lives through words is a powerful thing and I love it. Whether it’s sharing information with my readers on CandidBelle or through another site, if I can have a meaningful impact on someone’s life through my words, I can say, “I’ve done good.”

 What advice would you give to your 20 year-old self?

I would definitely tell her to not fear making mistakes, because from your biggest mistakes can come your greatest victories. I would also tell her that she is more talented than she thinks, and she shouldn’t let her fear of rejection prevent her from pursuing her dreams. Finally, I would tell her to let go of the pain and realize that someone else’s decisions cannot become her burden.

 What are three things that you know for sure?

  1. God is with me wherever I go.
  2. Fear is essential because it helps us grow. Without fear, there can never be courage—without courage, we will never meet our true potential.
  3. There is beauty everywhere if we train our eyes to see it.

What is the best advice (financial, emotional, spiritual, health-related) that you have ever received? Why did that piece of wisdom resonate with you so much?

I remember the first time I heard Maya Angelou say, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” It resonated with me on such a profound level. That statement made me realize that so much pain and hurt we experience in life is because we want or expect someone to behave differently, even after they have shown us who they are. By realizing who people are and crafting my expectations around that realization, I have found a greater level of peace and understanding when it comes to navigating my relationships with others.

 What are you the most proud of as a woman, entrepreneur, scholar, or anything in between?

I am so proud of my ability to push past my fears and pursue writing, blogging and entrepreneurship—even in the face of many challenges. I thank my children for that. Although this hustle can be so hard, I put tremendous value on the importance of setting an example for my kids, and I know that watching me pursue my dreams will give them courage to one day pursue theirs.

What is going on in your business/career that EVERYONE should know about now?  Is there a product or services that we should ALL know about?

Wow! That is a great question. I recently released an eBook through CandidBelle that people can receive for free when they sign up for my newsletter. The eBook is titled “What Women Know: 5 Tips for Thriving in Motherhood and Love.” I have another eBook that will be available soon titled, “Happy Moms Hustle Hard (& Smart): Tips for Pursuing Your Dreams While Being a Kick Ass Mom.” I am also crazy excited about being selected to present at Blogalicious 6 this November with my friend, Amber Wright from talktoamber.com. We are ready to drop some knowledge and help other woman figure out how they can #BeGreat while juggling everything in their lives. Finally, I have plans to co-author a book in 2015, and I have a few other things in the works. This has been an exciting year! I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring.

What makes you a DreamGirl?*

I try to see the good in all things, and I work at being happy on a daily basis. I don’t think happiness just happens. I think it is something people have to work at. I don’t take it for granted at all because my mother struggles with clinical depression and her struggle is real. I also stand firm in who and what I am. I make no apologies for any of my life decisions, and I know that even my greatest mistakes have served as learning experiences. Before I started to grow CandidBelle, I was working on another site with a partner. It failed for many reasons, and although the experience was painful, it was a huge lesson for me. I believe a DreamGirl takes everything life has to offer and makes the absolute best of it, all in their pursuit for an absolutely wonderful life. I am definitely about that life!

How do you handle setbacks? What skills, support, or personality trait do you rely on the most to help you overcome adversity?

I always turn to prayer first. When it’s too heavy, I just give it to God. I also try to exercise to manage stress, and I do breathing exercises on very stressful days. I also don’t think I could do any of this without the love and support of family and friends. My husband is my rock. He supports all of my dreams and stands right by my side in my weakest moments. And my kids—well, they are beyond awesome. That level of love and support is priceless. I also embrace any emotion I feel, because fighting against how you feel just never works. Embrace it, process it, and move on.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Martine Foreman is a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger. To get tips for living your best life, while following her crazy journey as a busy mom, wife, entrepreneur and honest chick from Brooklyn (now living in the burbs), check out her personal blog, CandidBelle. Martine resides in Maryland with her husband, two kids and crazy cat Pepper. You can show Martine some love on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.


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