Recognizing Intuitive Insight: Developing Your Intuition Part 2

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Recently we discussed intuition and the importance of seeing it as a muscle one needs to develop. In this post we will continue this discussion focusing very specifically on different forms of intuitive insight with the aims of sensitizing ourselves—such that we become ever more cognizant of the intuitive insights we have on a regular basis.

The real power of intuition manifests when we learn to use it to guide our moment-to-moment decisions and actions.

The first step is being able to recognize it. That’s not often an easy task, as we’re not trained in that way. Furthermore, we don’t each receive intuition in the same way—and to add yet more complexity to the matter, even one individual can receive insights in a variety of ways.

Distinguish between your intellectual mind and your intuitive mind.  When we receive insight through our intellect it is logical and based on things we’ve previously known through having been taught or have experienced. It comes through steps of reasoning, whereas intuition comes in flashes, is free of emotion, objective and is immediately known. Another key difference between the two is that the intellect is loud, always chatting, always presenting opposing viewpoints. The intuitive mind is quiet—almost silent—comes through transmissions and is exceptionally quick.

Intuitive Communication. Our emotions and our five senses are key to receiving and interpreting intuitive insight. Insights may come in the form of images, auditory sounds/voices, sensations, flashes, smells, an instant knowing, dreams, impressions, kinesthetic or through our visceral senses.

The quickest way to tune into how you receive messages will be to ask your self how you naturally perceive things. When you’re being taught something, do you normally visualize it? Hear it and repeat it in your mind? Close your eyes to feel it? Whatever means is the most natural for you will be the typical means by which you get your intuitive insights.

I happen to get intuitive insights through a variety of these means, and I’ll share some examples to give you an idea of how intuition comes:

  • Auditory: Recently I was sitting with a long lost friend and asked about a family member of hers.  As I asked, I heard a still voice say, “He died,” and because this was the 3rd time in life it’s happened to me, I knew it was true. She confirmed that he had.
  • Images: During the summer I had a quick image of myself sitting alone at my co-workers desk, as though it were mine. The following day, for the first time, she told me she was leaving the agency. Within thirty minutes my boss offered me her position.
  • Visceral: A former client, who was seeing me because of her children, mentioned that she had a boyfriend. As she was finishing the sentence I sensed something in my body that told me to stop and sit with the thought that this woman had a boyfriend. In the second that I did, I immediately knew that though she talked about so much else, her troubles were because this man was married. She told me about 3-4 weeks later.

These examples serve to familiarize you with how intuition works. In order to be ready for the remaining discussions on intuition, I ask you to daily practice quieting your mind to receive intuitive insights on matters. Be clear to guard against your own biases, projecting your issues, and using past experiences. Many times we attribute to intuition, what is often, not intuition at all. Practice distinguishing between the two and just listening.  Next week I’ll share specific self-awareness exercises to aid in this process and deterrents to developing your intuition.

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