Shopping In My Closet Challenge Update

As we begin to make good on the promises of our New Year’s resolutions, I thought I would share how I am doing with mine to keep me accountable and hear how you are doing with yours.

I am a diligent saver, but I LOVE  but I LOVE to collect clothes, bags, and shoes. It is not like I take the time to put an outfit together; I am NOT a morning person so my priority in the morning is to look for what is ironed, clean, and comfortable. On the weekends, my default look is jeans and a shirt once I finish exercising.

“So what I am really doing with all of these damn  clothes?” I ask myself almost every time I try to find some space in my already small-ass closet.

So what ends up happening is that I have all of this stuff that I don’t wear, yet I am still compelled to buy more because I think I don’t have anything to wear because I haven’t taken the time to look in my closet and pull things together. It’s a stupid, vicious cycle.

Am I the only one?

So I promised myself for the month of January, I would not go shopping for clothes online, in thrift stores, malls, flea markets, or the like. The only place that I may go, if I am so inclined, is a swap, and I only say that so I don’t feel that I am without options.

 Hi, my name is Kara and I shop too much…

I am happy to report that I have NOT shopped all week.  “Yay!” to small victories. It’s weird but I think I am experiencing some withdrawal symptoms.  Funny, but true.  Instead of fantasizing about my husband, what I will say on my last day of work, or what I will say when I finally take over the world—you know, normal stuff— as I wash dishes or lie in my bed, all I can think about are those outfits that are there in the stores waiting for me to buy and not wear them.

Pray for me.

 Change can be hard and I am definitely experiencing the growing pangs. But I know I can do it, just have to move forward little by little.

Frugalistas—what you are working on changing for the New Year? Please share your progress with all of us. I’ll update my progress next Saturday!

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