From Hoarder to Semi-Minimalist – The Journey Begins

As a hoarder lover of all things beauty, I recently did an audit of my medicine cabinet, the cabinet under the sink and my vanity and….it was #toomuch! The overflow of product is literally out of control! I no longer have a medicine cabinet as it is full of half used products, products I tried

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Get Ready Quickly! 8 Tips to go From Groggy to Gorgeous!

By T. Espinoza You hit the snooze button one time too many and now you only have 25 minutes to go from groggy to gorgeous? This is the story of my life… perpetually tardy for the party. So how does one manage to get out the door quickly and still look great? Here are 8

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How to Calculate Your Beauty Price Tag (and Figure Out if It’s Too High) in 4 Simple Steps

Last night, the lady in the chair next to me was getting her hair washed. As the shampoo lady worked her magic on the woman’s scalp, she said that hairdressers will never go broke; she said that no matter what is happening in her life—stress, leaky roof, or refrigerator repairs—her hair will get did. This

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