Getting a Good Night’s Sleep When The World is in Chaos

  If you are struggling to sleep right now, you certainly aren’t alone. Every day the news seems to bring new horrors, from COVID-19 deaths to businesses closing down to protests and riots on our streets. It’s tough, whether you have personal worries, perhaps concerns about your health, your career, or your future. Worries about

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How The Coronavirus Forced Me To Rethink My Life Emotionally And Financially

If you would have told me that I’d be having to self-quarantine for the next couple of months because of the coronavirus, which would force me to revisit my approach to saving and spending, I would have told you to lay off the sci-fi binges on Netflix and drink some more water. But this is

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7 Inexpensive Self-Care Tips When Dealing with Stressful Finances

My girl, Tonya from My Fab Finance,  is here with some MUCH needed tips on how to show ourselves some self-love when on a strict budget. Enjoy. –by Tonya Rapley. Financial stresses not only affect your well-being, they can negatively affect relationships, job performance, and pretty much rule your life if you let them. When

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