Celebrating Love throughout February

Some people love Valentine’s Day and eagerly await its approach after New Year’s celebrations are over. Honestly, this is probably the greeting card, floral, candy, and jewelry industries but I’m sure that there are some people too! Others dread the day and many people are indifferent. I tend to fall into the latter category. When

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One Easy Way to Instantly Revolutionize Your Love Life: Renew Your Vows…To Your Self

Randomly, I got a text the other day from a platonic male friend. He wanted to check in and see how I was doing. A few texts in he told me that he thought I was extremely intelligent, hard working and deserving of every thing I set my mind to and other heart warming things.

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7 Books Single Girls (Who Want a Partner) Must Read

There are many contented single women. They don’t need a partner. Don’t want a partner and scoff at the notion of being someone’s “other half,” again. Then, there are those of us who want a relationship—if not now, then sometime in the future. Over the past couples of years I ‘ve read a few books

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