The 4 Must-Haves Essentials for Your First Big Girl Get Together!


A photo by Dave Lastovskiy. unsplash.com/photos/RygIdTavhkQAnd we are back for Part III of our Inspired Space Series sponsored by Go Haus. If you missed out on Part I on pimping out your small space with exquisite design on a tight budget and Part II on describing your interior design style, then go back and check them out. 

To be honest, I’m an introvert with latent extrovert tendencies. LOL. One of my dreams once The Hubs and I have fully moved into our new place is to have my first big (or small– I don’t have a ton of friends) get together. I think I have the menu down, but I know I need some more guidance in creating the ambiance that I want. Part II, Which Interior Design Style Best Describe You? really helped me nail my preferred style. I‘m a little vintage and a little cottage cozy. 

But today’s post gets more granular, in a good way. It gives you the rundown on what basic, beautiful items you need for a fun and grown-up, sexy girl shindig.


Finding the right home or apartment is stressful enough no matter if you’re a recent college graduate or a relocating family of 5. Just decorating a new home can be an overwhelming task. Visiting retailers like IKEA, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Target can bring about tons of ideas and inspiration, but after an initial move, you’ve probably visited these places more times in the first month than you care to admit!

So once the dust settles and it’s time to throw your first big house warming party or even your first big girl get together in your new home, there are a few essential things you need. And if you’ve just finished moving and decorating the basics in your home, it can be another stress trying to think of the little things for a get together like this!

Below we outline the essential interior decorating accessories you may have missed that you should get in preparation for your party!

Place Settings

Yes, you probably have a decent set of cups and glasses and bowls, but when you’re throwing your first big get together that likely isn’t enough. And if you have a hodge podge of alma matter glasses and silverware you’ve collected from your shared living situations in the past, it’s time for a full upgrade! No you don’t have to “register” at Crate and Barrel to get a fancy set of china for the whole party to use, but having matching, quality place settings is a standard every adult should have for any party or get together You don’t need to impress your mother with these but you should have enough matching dishes so that your guests can eat without having to use paper plates.[Tweet “Have enough matching dishes so that your guests can eat without having to use paper plates.”] Throw in a good quality set of wine glasses is a must with this as well, no one wants to drink Cabernet out of a solo cup!


A photo by Dave Lastovskiy. unsplash.com/photos/RygIdTavhkQ


2. Living Room Rug

This may seem a little odd to have on the “must have” list but no one wants to socialize on a bare hardwood floor in the living room like you’re  at the gymnasium of a middle school dance. With people mingling around and bumping into the coffee table and other furniture in the most crowded area of every get together, the last thing you want is your floors to get scratched and furniture moving all over the place. If you don’t have the flooring you want either or you are stuck with the flooring in your rental that you think may have been there since the 1970s, this is a good way to cover that up and make things cozy. [Tweet “Adding an area rug is a great way to accent the color scheme of your interior design work or add some personality”] with a more out of the box design with shapes and bold colors. Whatever you choose make sure to get the right size for your living room, a living room area rug should traditional stretch just enough to go under the couch from length to length with enough width to comfortably fit a coffee table with a decent amount of space for people to sit on the rug if necessary.

luxury contemporary city apartment with floor to ceiling windows

  1. Quality Lighting and Lamps


Interior designers frequently say that the most over looked part of most apartments is the lighting in the living room and other gathering rooms. You can probably go awhile with the built in lights that are already in your home, but If you are having your first get together, this is something you need to address! Socializing and mingling in a dimly lit room can make for a somber and dark atmosphere. You want to create a cozy, light-hearted and vibrant feel when you are throwing parties and gatherings of all kinds! You don’t necessarily need to get lamps or overhead light fixtures in the exact interior design style of your home. Little accessories like this are a great place to play around with different styles, colors and designs. You could have an overall modern interior décor theme with your couches and colors but use a mid-century modern lamp as an accent piece. Whatever direction you go here make sure the piece provides ample lighting in the living room and front entry or wherever people gather in your place.


  1. Art Work


The best place to express your personality in any home is through the artwork you have up on the walls! This is where you can express yourself and put up pieces that really speak to who you are and what you like.[Tweet ” Don’t have a get together with completely naked white walls that leave a room with an empty, barren vibe.”] Have fun and put up bold statement pieces or paintings and feel free to use bold colors as frames to accent different subtle colors throughout the room!

Stay tuned for Part IV next week!!!

And if you’re feeling this series, leave what you’re thinking about your next grown-girl soiree and learn more about Go Haus.

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