4 Times That You Should Think With Your Head Instead Of Your Heart

2If money actually grew on trees and humans were 100% logical, there would be no need to be particular with how and with whom we spend our money  . But since neither of these is true, we have to start thinking with our heads instead of our hearts if we ever want a chance to live without debt.

Here are four times when you need to think with your head and not your heart when it comes to the world of money and emotion.

money actually grew

When deciding to cosign

If there is one thing that black folk are known for is our love of family. Helping family can be a good thing as long as it does not make you broke or make them feel entitled to your income flow.  If one of your family members asks you to cosign on a loan for a tuition or a car, please know that this is more than throwing a few extra dollars their ways when the end of the month is nearing. Cosigning is a binding agreement where you commit to making payments to a loan in the event that the primary borrower can’t pay. This is an absolute no-no no later how much you care for the family member.  Cosigning jeopardizes your financial future for someone that (probably) is already in financial disarray.

 When you decide to quit your job to pursue your side-hustle full time

Before you go and quit your job to pursue the side-hustle that brings you a few coins in a month, be sure that you have enough money to keep all of your money expenses covered for at least six months. If you have yet to stack that set of cash away, kindly smooth out the wrinkles in your skirt and take a seat back at your desk until that item on your to-do list is done.

enough money

When confronting a coworker about unprofessionalism

Being assertive is a necessity at work. It sets the tone for how you treat others and how they treat you. With that being said, make sure that you approach a colleague that you are having issue with after you have collected your thoughts and drafted what you wanted to say because you want to be effective in communicating your wishes and you don’t want to be escorted out of the building by security for turning somebody’s table over.

When saying “yes” to your bridal dress

I know. I know. You have been waiting to be the Princess Bride since you were knee high. And I get that you are uber happy to either change that last name or hyphenate it.  However, this does not justify buying a wedding dress that puts a crater into your credit because you want to feel special. Being solvent is more special. Being able to start and sustain a marriage without debt and financial baggage is the most special.

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If this post really resonated with you and you want to transform how you feel and think about money so you can live your best life, consider money therapy.   

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