What to do When You Just Can’t Get Happy  or Find Your Bliss

by Lisa Branscomb of Lifebliss Solutions

Bliss is happiness or a contented feeling from within that is not dependent on any external situation or condition.  It radiates from within like our own personal ball of warm glowing sunlight that we can carry around everywhere. Living in bliss is like moving along with the flow and currents of universal energy instead of struggling against them. Happiness, success and abundance come more easily. Bliss is a state of mind in which we know that we will be okay, and are more relaxed and confident in daily life due to that knowledge.

Recently I made a decision that was wrong.  I ignored the red flags, the pang in the gut, and went along with inaccurate external cues.  But it just wasn’t the right thing, and what was my result?  Uneasiness, stress, irritation.

Now moving past the regret and distress (still moving) there is a need to correct this imbalance in my mind and heart in the meantime.  This is the place where sticky stuckness can person glued down, paralyzed, and mopey.

I have learned over many years of tantric practice how to move out of those imaginary past and future places that disguise realty with various exercises with presence, and moving meditation.  But still, even for an experienced tantrika it can be a real challenge to make the effort to stop mentally replaying the tragic story over and over.

Sometimes it feels like no matter how much inner smiling, deep cleansing breaths, chanting ohm all day long the fact remains that the thing is making you miserable. Let’s look at misery.  Misery can be the actual unhappiness or unpleasantness of a situation at hand, but it can also include the mental dramafication of that misery, which amplifies and multiplies it.  For example, the thing that you dread in actuality may only be happening for an hour of the day.  But, when we loathe, worry, and fret about it it expands exponentially.  So you should be having fun out with your friends on a Saturday night but no, you’re miserable.

When the misery becomes so expansive that you need to consciously haul in your bliss every minute of every day like a fisherman hauling in his cold wet catch, it’s time for action.  Despite some old hairy guru in a cave telling you that you only need to do your spiritual practice and everything will miraculously come together, a real change may be imminent.  And here is where my old skool tendencies kick in.

I’m not necessarily advocating taking the quick and easy way out of every single unpleasant situation.  But there are those times you have to make a change, and only you will know when that’s the case.  After quieting the mind and having some meaningful contemplation you may find that changing the situation itself is the best way to experience your true bliss.  To do this you must first take responsibility.  Start thinking past guilt or blame and in terms of what action you can take to direct your path into another direction.  This is both liberating and empowering.  Next, objectively assess the situation and all potential possibilities, even the unexpected and unconventional ones.  Finally, face the fear and make a decision to go get your bliss back!

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