Becoming The Woman You Were Always Meant To Be


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Being a female presents many different challenges, as does being a man. Although we know the world is trying to move away from many of the stereotypes that surround genders, we know there is still a lot of it going on. For example, we know that most nurses are still women and most midwives are the same. However, if you go into engineering or construction work, you’ll find that it’s a man’s world that’s hard for a woman to flourish in. So even though the world is working so hard to be accepting of how people are, we know there is still a long way to go. You might think that gender doesn’t come into it because of how much the views of the world have changed. You may just feel like you have gone down a wrong path in life or a path that doesn’t suit you. It can lead you to feel as though you have lost touch with yourself and the woman you’re meant to be. Your career, your finances, and what you do in your personal life will all determine how you feel as a woman. Now, we want all women to feel amazing and to feel like they’re the captain of their own magnificent ship. We’re going to show you how to do that by taking control of your life, becoming a female boss, and actually take control of your life. Keep on reading to find out more.

Your Path In life

So, the first thing that you need to think about is what path are you on in life? Is it the path that you envisioned yourself following when you were younger? We know that everyone has hopes and dreams that change over time, but there’s a big difference between hopes and dreams failing and them actually falling through. This article isn’t going to be just about the business or money side of things, we want you to think about every aspect of your life and whether you’ve done everything you said you wanted to. For most women, it will have included something along the lines of earning a ton of money, traveling the world, and meeting prince charming along the way. But dreams change, and you need to make sure you’re focused on those that are realistic, and ones that are going to benefit your life the most. So what we’d advise that you do is to sit down and write everything down. All of your hopes and ambitions in life. Whether that means marrying the man of your dreams and buying a beautiful home, if you haven’t already, or whether it means becoming one of the most successful businesswomen on the planet. If you write it down you’re giving yourself a checklist to follow, and one that we think you should refer back to every single month. It lets yourself know what your goals are in life to make sure that you’re always looking back on life without any regrets.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is something that both men and women are searching for, but often women who get into a relationship and settle down with a partner for life lose their sense of financial freedom. Money is shared as so is a responsibility, leading women, in particular, to feel as though they have no personal financial freedom. However, any woman of any age can search for this, and we know there are so many ways that it can be achieved. The first idea that we wanted to talk about is an investment and where that might be able to take you. Investments are so easy to do in the sense that you can do them pretty much anywhere, at any time. However, what isn’t easy is understanding how to do them, which investment route you should go down, and how easy it is for you to be able to make money from it. The last thing you want to do is go in search of financial freedom only to waste all of the money that you have saved. Saving is the first thing you can do. A good initial investment for most investments such as stock or forex exchange is around $500 to $1000. You don’t need any more than that to make a good amount of money, you just need to know where to put it. Trading platforms are often a good place to start because they offer you the chance of getting trading advice, as well as taking the hard work out of your hand by the use of signals. However, we would always recommend that you learn how to trade before you let signals do it for you. Signals can only make you so much which will leave you stuck when it comes to wanting to trade bigger amounts on your own.

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Independent Woman

Being an independent woman is what every woman should aspire to be. No, we’re not saying to ditch your man and run off into the sunset to find yourself. But what we do think you need to do is look out for number one, rather than putting everyone else first. This is going to be far easier for you if you haven’t entered the children’s stage of your life, but even if you have you can still come into your own. To be an independent woman means you’re managing everything for yourself. You’re not relying on someone else to sort your life out or to do things for you. So, this means anything from managing your own bills and your own money right so that you actually have some spare to use, to making sure that if something needs doing around the home that you give it a good go first. Not to draw attention to any stereotype, but us women who live with a man often rely on the man to do the DIY side of things around the home. It might seem small in the grand scheme of things, but you’re far more independent if you can give it a go yourself first. As for putting yourself first all the while, it simply means making sure that you go out of your way to make sure you’re getting what you want from life. This links closely to everything we’ve spoken about so far, from financial freedom to goals in life!

Female Boss

Now onto something that might appeal to so many of you reading this, but you’re just not sure how to go about it. Being a female boss is hard. Business is still very much a man’s world, despite inspirational entrepreneurial women who are changing the business world for others. When you look at the majority of CEO’s they are male, and in some countries and some offices, it is still harder for women to succeed. However, becoming a female boss takes all of that away. You have the power to be at the front of your own company and it to turn it into something that’s going to bring you all of the freedom in the world. So, to do so you need to start off small. You can go for whatever business idea that appeals to you because at the end of the day you need a business idea that you’re going to enjoy, you shouldn’t be chasing money and going for an idea that you have no interest in. By starting off small, with a small investment and trial runs of everything, you’ll be able to gauge whether your business idea is going to work. Market your company well, learn the basics of business, and take each day as it comes. If you do your further reading on how to run a business and you follow it down to a T, you’ll quickly be able to tell whether your business is one that’s going to be successful.

Your Own Personal Happiness

Everyone has their own balance of what’s going to bring them personal happiness. For most women, personal happiness is going to come when life is balanced and calm. Often we find ourselves running around like a headless chicken trying to juggle everything in life, leaving little room for balance. So, over the next few months, try and balance out your life. Stop going out so much if you know you need to save money and have some time to yourself. Stop overworking yourself if you know you’re working for a company that doesn’t truly value you. Get the balance perfect between seeing family and friends, working, and having some time to yourself. The latter is the key to personal happiness. You need to be able to have that time to yourself to feel like you’re appreciated, to practice self-care, and to actually feel relaxed. If you’re always surrounded by someone it’s hard to find that personal happiness because you’re not having the time to process thoughts.

So, hopefully, this article has taught you a few ways that you can become the woman you were always meant to be. Whatever that means to you, make sure this is the year that you go out there and discover it.

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