“I Picked Up The Phone:” How One Frugalista Chose Financial Freedom Over Financial Fear and Shame

by Natasha Gordon Often times we avoid facing situations because of the fear that we have created in our minds. In my case, it was the catastrophe that would happen when I answered the phone from my student loan officer. I swore that they would tell me that I had to pay the full amount

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Good Girl, Bad Debt: How One Frugalista Beat $50K of Debt

Growing up, I was always good with money. I was the responsible child, who saved and began building an emergency fund at five years old. However, by my early 20s, I was buried in thousands of dollars in credit card and student loan debt, living paycheck-to-paycheck and barely making ends meet. The Downward Spiral When

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5 Baby Steps To Eliminate Debt and Increase Your Financial Confidence

There is a reason why “debt” is a “four-letter” word. Debt is a curse and keeps you from living your life free of fear, worry, and frustration. The irony is that we run away from our financial problems because we want to avoid pain. Running away, however, only worsens the state of our finances, thus

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