Design Process: Creating The Right Look For Your Business

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The design has never been an easy thing, especially for those without much experience. Creating something visually appealing is one thing, but making a set of cohesive designs is much harder, and this is what you’ll need to do for your business. You’ll need to design a logo, website, and a range of other materials that will be used to show off your business, and handling all of this yourself is going to be a big challenge. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring various elements of the overall process you’ll need to go through, giving you the chance to get started right away.

The House Style

The very first element of this you’ll be working on will be your house style. This covers a range of design elements, all of which you will be using for all of your design, making it much easier to keep all of your work consistent. It’s important that you cover all of the elements below when you’re coming up with a house style. This can change in the future, but you will have to update all of your graphics if you want to do this, making it crucial that you find a good house style nice and quickly.

Color: Color can be a very powerful tool for a design, giving them the power to convey feelings without having to use words or images. Red will make something seem angry or passionate, while purple will feel regal and refined. Picking the best color combinations for your brand isn’t always going to be easy, but you can find loads of inspiration online, giving you a head start when it comes to picking this vital aspect of your design. Thankfully, it’s nice and easy to test color combinations beside one another.

Fonts: Text is used in most design, especially for a brand, and this means that you’re going to need to find some fonts which work for your business. There are thousands of fonts across the web, and companies like Google are giving them away for free, making it nice and easy to find something you like. Websites like Pinterest can be a great place to go when you’re looking for font inspiration. Looking at what other businesses in your sector are doing can be a good way to give yourself new ideas.

A Concept: Coming up with a written concept for your design can be extremely helpful once it comes to putting all of the pieces together. This will describe the type of feel you want your brand to inspire, along with the types of style you want your design to follow. For example, if you want to use a flat and minimal design to make your business feel modern, this is what you should write about in your concept. This will give you some easy criteria to meet when you’re handling the rest of your design.


The Logo

Having a starting point for your design will make it much easier to create other designs which work for your business. Given that it will be the main piece of design used to show off your business, it makes sense to start with your logo. Creating a good logo isn’t easy, and a lot of companies spend a small fortune to get the right graphics for this part of their business. Of course, though, there are loads of tools to help you around the web, and you should be able to think of something which works for you.

Sketching: Designing a logo from scratch can be time-consuming, and it’s worth testing any ideas you have in the quickest way possible before you start creating the final piece. Sketching your ideas can be a great way to achieve this goal, with pen and paper being much easier to use than programs like Illustrator. It’s worth coming up with more than one idea as you go through this process.


From Paper To PC: Once you’ve picked a sketch you like, it will be time to create a rough version of this on your computer. If you don’t have much experience with tools like Illustrator, it could be a good idea to scan your sketch and use it as a template. Not only will this make it easier to create the right shape, but it will also speed up the process, making it much easier to come out with an accurate reflection of your design.

Something Predesigned: A lot of people find it extremely hard to make their own logo using graphics tools. While this can be a good learning process, it may also be something you simply don’t have time for, and this means that you’re going to need to find a quicker way to handle this work. There are loads of web-based logo builder tools around the internet. While this won’t be something you’ve designed for yourself, it can give you a good opportunity to choose a logo which works with the rest of your design.


The Website

Once you have a logo in place, it will be time to start thinking about your wider design. It’s important that things like flyers, brochures, and your website all match one another, and creating one of them as a starting point is a smart way to go. Your website will involve loads of different types of design and layout, making the best place to get started, in most cases. You can find some of the elements you’ll have to think about when you’re designing a website below.

Color: This area should be one of the easiest to iron out; you’ve already chosen the colors which will go with your brand. Two colors will usually be enough for this, though some people will pick something like white or black to go with the main colors they pick, as this will open the doors to a little bit more freedom. You will need the HEX codes for the colors you want to use if you plan to use them online.

Layouts: Next, it’s time to think about the text and image layouts you’re going to be using on your site. Like your logo, it’s worth putting these onto paper before you start to build them online. Pinterest can help with this part of the process, giving you access to countless layouts for magazines, websites, and other types of publications. It’s worth having a range of different layouts to choose from, but you need to make sure that they follow a similar feel.

Images & Graphics: While your website will have a lot of text on it, it’s also worth thinking about the time and effort which goes into picking the images you want for it. This is more complicated than a lot of people expect, and you need to make sure that the pictures you choose have the same color profiles and are in similar settings. You will need to spend some time comparing the images you choose, making sure that they work together.

Having all of these design elements established on your website will make it much easier to create the rest of the designs you need. Business cards, flyers, and even adverts can all follow the theme you’ve made, but you will have to work hard to make sure it all looks good together. The design has never been an easy process, but it can be a very satisfying one, and knowing that you’ve made all of the designs for your business will be a great feeling to have.

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