How Getting A Life Kept Me Out of the Mall: Shopping In My Closet Challenge Update Week 3

Good Morning Frugalistas!

I am sorry for having not updated my progress and struggle with shopping in my closet–but I have been busy having an active civic and social life– which I think is the main reason why shopping in my closet was so easy this week.

As I mentioned last week, I realized that I was hitting the stores with a crackhead fever because I had too much time on my hands. I was bored; I was unfocused. This week was a little different. I had some real things to do.

1. Take to Civic Action

Last year, I was looking for black professionals with whom I could vibe and with whom I could collaborate on meaningful projects to impact positive change in our communities. To that end,  I joined the New York Urban League’s Young Professional (NYULP) at the end of last year. We had our first meeting of 2013 where I joined their Communications Committee. As a member of the Communications Committee, I will be helping with their media outreach and contributing to their blog, The Griot. I am stoked! Let me know if you join, too!

2. Take Control of Health 

Lately, I have been noticing that my hip-booty-thigh combination has been getting a little reckless. I have been enjoying my food and rest a little too much and have started to pay for it. So ,this week, instead of losing myself in the clothes racks and picking up items that I did not need,  I decided, instead, to get back to focusing on my health. I don’t like going to the gym during the winter, so I started back on my home-based workout regimen. Does anyone know about The Firm series, especially my favorite and most effective Jiggle-Free Buns workout? (It is the truth!)

3. Clean My Closet

While this is not a civic or social activity, it is a necessity. I took my own advice and cleaned out my closet. It felt so good! In addition to having a clear understanding that I, in fact, have 4 black bags, 4 brown bags, and whole heap of other stuff that proves that I am NOT lacking–that I am living in abundance–my girlfriend and fellow hustler Kim, told me about a website that is like an Ebay, but for gently-worn apparel: www.yardsellr.com. Check it out if you want to SELL, please don’t buy anything if you don’t need to. 🙂 I am probably not going to do this because H&M has something more appealing that I can do with my unwanted clothes.


Beginning in February, H&M will take your unwanted clothes, no matter the condition, in exchange for H&M store vouchers. I found this gem of info on Yahoo. Here is the link if you want to hear it for yourself. (Start at 1:01) shopping.yahoo.com/financially-fit/never-pay-full-price-120000266.html

Fabulous N’ Frugal Nation: How are you keeping yourself actively engaged in your life so you won’t have time to waste shopping?

If you’re waiting for a sign that it’s time to make a change, consider this it. Money Therapy may be just what you need to break through your financial blocks and release your money guilt and shame.     

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