How to Handle Valentine’s Day When You are Single and Don’t Want to Be

There is no coincidence that many of this week’s posts focus on self-love and not finding love (and validation) from another.  In response to the Valentine’s Day push, I wanted to curate a few posts that pushed back– posts that importance of self-love as much as romantic love. The pursuit of happiness is rooted on finding love for yourself. I am very grateful that I have activists and thinkers like Debrena  and Monique that have written extensively about this topic. Please enjoy. 


by Monique Halley

Being single around Valentine’s Day can really dig up negative emotions about love and relationships. It tends to remind single ladies that they are not going to get any special treatment on Feb. 14th. When we don’t have the proper tools to process those emotions, like self-doubt, self-worth etc… we internalize what we are feeling and fall deeper into negative self-judgement.

There’s a healthier and more positive way to change this response to Valentine’s Day, if your single.  Turn that energy inwards and focus on practicing self-love. If you continue to depend on others and external factors to gain love from, it will be a never ending cycle of disappointment.

I go into more detail as to why shifting your energy to self-love will create a better experience for you. Read the 1st post and learn why you should join me: 14 Acts of Self-Love:

Every day starting Feb.1st to Feb. 14th I will post daily Self-Love Acts for you to practice. If you want to be reminded of #14ACTSOFSELFLOVE, let me know and I will tag you whenever I post. JOIN ME!

The challenge has already started and Feb,1st Act # 1 is all about Self-Acceptance:

Here’s what I shared, taken from the social media post…

“Act # 1: PRACTICE SELF-ACCEPTANCE: Before you can truly begin to embrace, the thought of loving yourself, you have to first accept yourself, flaws and all. Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.

I encourage you to utilize a journal during these 14 days and capture all that shows up for you. Writing things down will help you gain a sense of clarity with where you are with each topic.

Act of Self-Love Exercise: A simple way to do this is to make a list of your strengths & weakness, the good, the bad & the unchangeable…then repeating to yourself…”This is who I am” Get comfortable with that truth.

Acceptance is not a pass to stay stagnate. When you love who you are, you will eventually do loving ACTS to change the things you want to improve about yourself. But it will come from a loving place and not from a space of a self-hate.

  • Celebrate the good
  • Change the bad &
  • Embrace the unchangeable

Alway remember, anything you do towards your well-being, is self-loving.

{Well-being: the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy}

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