If the link between money and girl power were not made clear for you, you need to watch the documentary, Half The Sky.

And even if you cant watch it, you do not need to leave the borders of the United States to see where often in the presence of poverty, girls from around the way have less of a chance at happiness, social mobility, and self-actualization.

Watching documentaries like these remind me and teach me a couple of things about the inherent connection of girl power, wealth management,and the pursuit of juicy living:

1. Money Is Power: Cliche, but true. This means that the more you have, the more options you have. That means for those of us that have steady streams of income, yet consciously choose to push ourselves into debt (i.e. self-induced poverty) because of mindless spending, we are eroding our personal power, immediately, and our collective voice,over time.

2. It’s Just Not About Me: I just bought four pairs of riding boots on sale this past weekend. Cost me $250. (Yes, I am both fabulous and frugal!) But upping my boot-game, though contributing to making the world a more stylish place, is doing nothing about making this world fairer, more kind, and more supportive of girls that look just like me.

3. Go Small, Go Steady : In the Half The Sky documentary, they showcased how poverty impacted the lives of a few girls: their access to education,their confidence, their safety.

I could relate.

As a former classroom teacher, I loved teaching my girl students. One of my favorite students had a fiery intellect and an air of confidence that many of us spend our twenties and thirties in search of. After leaving my class, I made sure that I continued to be touch through buying her any books that she wanted. She would smile and hug me. I would smile and hug her back, but leave feeling that it wasn’t enough. But it was to her. Her writing, vocabulary, and love of reading told me

Find the nearest girl that you love and spend for her power.

4. We Need To Teach Our Girls The Power Of Money: Similar to author Virginia Woolf, I believe that every girl needs money of her own. Not money just for spending on things that she likes, but money to support causes that align with their values and interests globally and locally.

If this post really resonated with you and you want to transform how you feel and think about money so you can live your best life, consider money therapy.   

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