Say Their Names Black Women Who Died From Botched Plastic Surgery

Hi! I’m Kara, your favorite financial friend and one of the many Black women in America that has internalized some level of dissatisfaction with their body…and has been convinced to spend money on alternating our bodies to feel worthy.

Y’all, I’ve been on some type of diet since my first free consultation to Weight Watchers at 15. I’m damn near 43. 

Decades of wasted money and energy.

Feel familiar?

Not sure if you’ve noticed it, but there’s a growing number of Black women dying after botched plastic surgery at the hands of unlicensed hackmen promising Black women perfect bodies at rock bottom prices.

This is NOT an anti-plastic surgery post or to shame anyone that does, (because it’s a personal choice), but it’s a plea to be thoughtful about plastic surgery.

Please keep in mind: 

1. A plastic surgeon’s value proposition shouldn’t be COST– more specifically how cheap he/she can get you feeling beautiful. 

Average costs of a BBL can start at $10k with a board certified plastic surgeon who is trained in these procedures and is able to deal with the complications should they unfortunately happen. 

This is where you want to save UP for what you want and spare no expense for your life and health. 

2. Do your research on the facility and the surgeon so you know their reputation.

3. Maybe you can/need to talk to someone. 

There was one point in my self-love journey where I was working with  a life coach, group therapy focused on Black women, and working with a nutritionist ALL at the same time to help me rethink my relationship with food and my body. 

And it helped tremendously.

4. If you’ve committed to doing plastic surgery, please tell someone. 

This is especially true if you’re going to places in Turkey, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic where there’s a language barrier, it’s far away, and there’s no one to advocate for you in case of an emergency. 

We love you and want you safe!

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