Stay Encouraged through the Growing Pains

This week I sent this message to the Frugal Feministas on my emailing list. I kept thinking about it, and thought that it was something that more people needed to hear. Maybe that’s you!

As you prepare to begin another week, I wanted to reach out to you with this reminder:

Stay Encouraged.

Over the last few weeks, I have been behind the scenes working like the Dickens on something really special for all of you- the Happy Finances Challenge!– and I can’t wait to share it with you.

And through that process of creating and growing, I cried, cussed, and carried on. I stretched myself and was pulled in so many directions.

Are you in the middle of a growing season? I can tell you that growth is something that we all want, but growing pains aren’t something that we are all willing to go through to reach new heights.

But you can’t have one without the other.

Nobody likes to share the stories of tears, frustrations, and the self-doubt as they move forward in pursuit of their goals.

But they are there.

And those long-dreamed-of moments of success come at the end of a journey of hard work, building, and shedding a lot of fear and stepping into your greatness.

As you encounter an obstacle this week—in your career, in your finances, in your relationships, in your thinking— just remember that you can not grow without growing pains.

And also remember that at the end of your journey, you will find a better, wiser, and wealthier version of yourself. So don’t stop working until you reach your more evolved self. 

It’s so hard to stay encouraged when it seems like the universe is putting up every possible obstacle in your path. When it seems like as soon as you manage to pull yourself back up on your feet, you get knocked back down again. But you can’t give up. If you do stop in the middle of the journey, all of that pain would have been done in vain.

And I don’t know about you, but I HATE double work.

There’s a saying in Antigua: “Measure twice, cut once.” And honestly, I want to get the growth the first time around. You get me, right?

So here’s to growth. If you like, comment below with the tips that keep you motivated to keep going when the going gets rough!

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