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How to Successfully Manage Your Personal Finances

Poor money management can land you in a mound of debt that can take years to repay. Staying on top of your personal finances is essential to living a comfortable future where you don’t need to worry about living paycheck to paycheck, paying off massive loans, or living a frugal life because you can’t afford

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The Two Things You Need to Know About the Writing Process If You Are Serious About Becoming an Author

Two weeks ago, my copywriter returned the first draft on my debut self-help book on self-love and personal finance via email. And to be honest, I was far from thrilled. With just a cursory look, there were so many strikethroughs and comments about redundancies, awkward word choice, and lack of coherence that the thought about

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As I was going through some personal finance rules that are very good to follow, I thought of the individuals who may be experiencing economic hardship and how this may be conflicting information. If you don’t have any income, no money coming into your household, then some of the rules don’t make much sense for

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